11. Ching, a masked life

© Laetitia Bica, Le Front du vivant, pour axelle magazine

Covid has hit hard the people living from informal work, and amongst them many undocumented people. Ching is one of them. Fragmented portrait around a guideline, the mask. Symbolic object of this pandemic which made itself heard a lot and is much discussed about. And involved a lot feminine sweat.

A portrait written by Manon Legrand and read by Marie Cappart.

“Ching : a masked life” is also available in a french or spanish speaking version.

Thank you to the project photographer Laetitia Bica, to Fabian Van Eycken for the theme music to Corinne Ricuort for the sound engineering and to the Journalism Fund for their support. All the portraits are to read in our special issue of Jan-Feb. 2021, “Those women who repair the world”.

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